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Terms & Condition

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  • Our company understands that there is a minimum purchase requirement that will be established at the time the account is set up and is subject to change.

  • CY HVAC SUPPLY will provide a price list when the account is set up; prices are subject to change, and prior notice will be given.

  • Considering CY HVAC SUPPLY extending credit, the buyer agrees to pay for all items delivered by the seller within the terms stated on the invoice.

  • CY HVAC SUPPLY offers net 30 days, or a 2% discount if paid within 10 days.

  • Our company understands that the responsibility of CY HVAC SUPPLY shall cease upon the delivery of goods to a carrier. Since goods are shipped at our risk, we should examine them carefully before signing delivery receipts.

  • Our company understands that returns are subject to approval and conditions that CY HVAC SUPPLY will provide.

  • It is agreed our company will pay a 25% restocking and freight return charge on all canceled orders that have been shipped by CY HVAC SUPPLY to the customer.

  • We will notify CY HVAC SUPPLY in writing of any changes in ownership of our company.

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