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Professional HVAC Products Manufacturer Since 2012

Our Philosophy

We produce Air Conditioner Line Sets, Pre-Insulated Copper Pipes, Air Conditioner Copper Pipe Kits Etc since 2012. We are constantly updating our production lines to optimize the machining process.

We believe quality products and packaging, correct inventory management, accurate market information, and other critical factors can be to customer success.; therefore, We strive to produce the best line sets and HVAC equipment for the market. 

 Every line set meets rigorous standards for quality and consistency from the liquid line and suction line handling to unique insulation applications and packaging. Our broad inventory and our strong commitment to stocked inventory allow us to offer industry-leading fill rates.

AC Best LA continues to pursue the opportunities that exist within the HVAC markets in an ongoing effort to provide our customers with the most current and cutting-edge products available.

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Our Journey

AC Best LA was established in June 2012 and had professional experience in the HVAC production industry. The company continuously improves its business model and adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty, cooperation, and win-win."  Although line sets production is our primary business, we have manufactured Central Air Conditioners, Ductless Mini-Splits, condensate pumps, thermostats, and various HVAC products under our AC Best LA brand.

Since our inception, we have committed ourselves to setting a higher standard of quality not just for ourselves, but for our customers.  We go above and beyond to embrace the future, constantly exploring and inventing to meet the ever-changing demand of our customers and consumers. AC Best LA is your best partner in the HVAC industry.

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