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AC Best LA
Line sets

We are Line Sets manufactured and wholesale company.

El Monte, CA


AC Best LA is mainly engaged in refrigerant line set production. Throughout the years,  AC Best LA has been a well-known brand in China, and Los Angeles, California. We won high popularity and reputation in the HVAC fields.

White Insulation.png

AC Best LA



Copper meets C12200 and ASTM B280



We produce our own White PE and Black Rubber insulation, which meets ASTM E84, UL94, ASTM D1056, and ASTM G21 requirements.


Suitable usage 

-40°C to 120°C

About Us

AC Best LA is a high-tech manufacturing company with professional technology to produce various air conditioning and refrigeration line sets. Our main factory is located in Jiangsu, China. The company adheres to the spirit of "quality, service, and dedication." AC Best La has become one of the most influential line sets companies through unremitting efforts and development.

       Our company has always focused on users' needs, won the trust and praise of many users by providing attentive services for each user, and gradually established a good brand image of the company in the Los Angeles area. 

    AC Best LA provides customers professional sales services and establishes a complete after-sales service system. After purchasing the company's products, our experienced team ensured to offer solutions for the problems and difficulties that customers encounter in development and solve the problems for customers.

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